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   WTO Issues & Free Trade Agreements

    Ongoing Projects

Capacity Building Training Programme of Indian Government Officials on Economic Diplomacy

National Public Procurement Policy in India

Government Procurement – An emerging tool of global integration and good governance in India

Completed Projects

South Asia Forum for International Trade (SAFIT-III)

Doha Round Impacts on India: A study in a sequential dynamic CGE framework

Study to identify hurdles for independent Indian health service personnel in selected countries under GATS Mode IV

South Asia Forum for International Trade (SAFIT-II)

Strategic Review of WTO-provided Trade-Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) Activities

South-South Economic Cooperation: Exploring IBSA Initiatives

Regional Integration in South Asia

  Ongoing Projects

Impact of The Asia Foundation’s Work on Trade Issues in South Asia

Regional Trade Potential and Associated Non-Tariff Barriers, With Special Focus on Women-Owned/Led/Engaged Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: The Case of India

External Preferential Trade Agreements and the Indian Economy: An Analysis of Impacts and Counter Measures

Trade and Transport Facilitation Audit in South Asia (TTFA)

Financial Intermediaries and Trade Facilitation in South Asia (FITF)

Trade Consignment Mapping for Better Regional Connectivity in South Asia

Indo-Bangla Trade Assessment- Phase II (IBTA-II)

Completed Projects

Promoting Participatory Approaches for Removing Regional Trade Barriers in South Asia(COENCOSA-Phase II)

Assessment of a Potential CECA between India and BKRCU (BKRCU-India CECA Study)

Cost of Economic Non-Cooperation to Consumers in South Asia (COENCOSA)

Trade SIA Study FTA EU-India

Trade Facilitation Needs Assessment in South Asia

South-South Economic Cooperation: Exploring Mekong-Ganga

Trade & Sustainable Development

Ongoing Projects

Food Security in India The Interactions of Climate Change, Economics, Politics and Trade (FOODSEC)

Development Dimensions of National Foreign Trade Policy of India (NFTP)

Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio Promoting water, food and energy security in South Asia (SDIP)

Addressing Barriers to Rice Seeds Trade Between India and Bangladesh (RISTE)

A Study of Environmental Standards and their Trade Impact on Indian Textiles & Clothing Sector (SESTI)

Completed Projects

Environmental Sustainability Impact Assessment of Cotton Value Chain in India (ESIACOV)

Assessing Consumer Behaviour on Energy Efficient Products in India

Impact of Climate Change and Food Insecurity on Poverty

Mainstreaming International Trade into National Development Strategy

Improving Institution for Pro-Poor Growth (IPPG)

Grassroots Reachout and Networking in India on Trade & Economics (GRANITE Phase II)

Linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction (TDP)

Enabling developing countries to seize eco-label opportunities

Grassroots Reachout and Networking in India on Trade & Economics (GRANITE Phase I)

Documenting advocacy practices involving local stakeholders with the process of trade and globalisation in four Indian States


WTO Issues & Free Trade Agreements

Regional Cooperation in South Asia

Trade & Sustainable Development





Campaign on WTO